Over the past few decades organizations have been increasingly reliant on information systems to process data for their key business functions. Having the information systems in electronic form exposes the business to several security risks. These threats were always present but having this information in networked systems makes it all the more easier for hackers to gain access to the data. Information security risks have also evolved from viruses that used to spread through floppies to complex worms that have denial of service capabilities like Blaster, Sasser, RPC DCOM, Nimda, and Code Red which have affected numerous organizations.

Network complexity is increasing with connectivity to 3rd parties like suppliers & home workers and this opens up a lot of weaknesses in today's corporate networks. These problems increase exponentially due to inadequate information & lack of awareness. Organizations must invest a significant amount of effort to secure themselves from these threats and information security professionals must keep themselves updated with the latest threats to reduce these risks. An independent and non-profit organization called Open Information System Security Group emerged to better inform community regarding these threats and equip them with the necessary tools to fight malicious activities.

  • What are OISSG Vision and Mission?
  • How to become an OISSG Member?
  • History
  • Our Industry Expectation
  • Why OISSG?

What are OISSG Vision and Mission?


OISSG is an independent and non-profit organization with vision to spread information security awareness by hosting an environment where security enthusiasts from all over globe share and build knowledge.


OISSG has identified followings to achieve its vision:

  • By writing assurance/testing standards

  • By organizing conferences

  • By Finding software bugs

  • By organizing challenges

  • By building computer security incident response teams

  • By developing multiple channels of communications

  • By setting up research labs

How to become an OISSG Member?

Membership is open to any enthusiast/professional who shares our vision. To become member subscribe on the OISSG website, follow group ethics and contribute to the strengthening of the information security world.


In order to offer guidance and security advice to businesses and government agencies, security professionals must be able to translate their knowledge and experience as in value addition to the business. In March 2003, information security professionals started a security mailing list that allowed security professionals across the globe, to participate in friendly, open discussions about information security.  The list allows security professionals to share their information security experience and knowledge to create a framework wherein the information from everybody will be used to come-up with generally acknowledged security practices. Over the past year, the list grew to over 700+ professionals and has resulted into a group called Open Information System Security Group (www.oissg.org).

This group comprises of the security professionals across the globe, working in diversified business areas like IS consulting, Health Care Industry, Financial Institutions and Banking Industry etc...

Our Industry Expectation

  • Infrastructure Support
    • To organize conferences
    • To setup research labs
  • Flexible work policies
    • Permit employees to participate in such non-commercial ventures
    • Encourage security research activities


Local Chapters

The idea behind local chapters and meetings is to foster the exchange of knowledge and information. These local chapter are a great place to network and to improve one's skills. They are also a great resource when tackling difficult problems. Our projects are based on the real world practical needs of security professionals... more www.oissg.org --> Chapters



Our chapter meetings, global and regional events, conferences and workshops are a vital resources for sharing and building knowledge. We organize contests for testing security and ethical hacking skills; it gives encouragement and judges your skills.

We organize one day and/or one week (theory and hand-on) conference/workshop absolutely for free to our members.


Our jobs manager contacts companies and will help you search for a job. Local chapter meetings are a good way to find out about opportunities in the local market.



We provide our members a platform to be a speaker in our conferences/workshops. Being part of local chapter means you can represent OISSG in other industry events. To take part into our conferences / workshops / seminars contact your local chapter. If you don't have local chapter in your area, contact balwant [at] oissg [dot] org


As a part of OISSG chapter you will get recognition in information security world. You can share your ideas/views about information security. You can publish your articles on our site and have your views heard. at our site and get visibility of your views.


Practical problem are identified in our projects to meet real world business requirement.