OISSG Membership for organizations


We offer an excellent return on investment by eliminating cost involved in developing your own solutions independently. As a member you will have access to the most comprehensive and tightly integrated set of publications and tools anywhere in the world about information security assessment and implementation, which will help you to manage every aspect of your information systems security.

With information exchange at the heart of the OISSG, our international program of conferences, seminar, meetings and discussion lists provides you an unparalleled opportunity to share experiences and explore security issues in an environment of trust and confidence.

You can also take part and/or get benefit in our research imitative on following domains:

  • Password Security Research
  • Flawless Port Scanning
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Information Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management

Additionally as a member you will have access to our huge pool of resources including research lab, books and tools.

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