ISSAF Penetration Testing Expert (I-PTE)

This certification focuses on advanced level of penetration testing of networks and technical assessment of security architecture of an organization’s complex and distributed security process. This certification tests the ability of the candidate to apply ISSAF methodologies in carrying out penetration testing and in assessing and certifying complex security architecture in organizations. While the focus will be on the assessment and certification, candidates will be expected to demonstrate good understanding of the penetration testing process itself as discussed in the sections on technical assessment in the ISSAF document. Candidates for this certification should have a minimum of two year of experience in penetration testing and assessing and certifying complex security architecture and should self certify such experience. At random, OISSG would select a small percentage of candidates for this examination and verify their experience independently. Candidates can attain this credential by passing a two-hour examination containing 150 MCQs and attaining 70% grade and meet the following additional condition as well:
· After passing the exam as described above, candidates would be expected to demonstrate their capability to actually carry out a penetration test in a lab environment which will simulate a real time network. Proctors at this lab examination would certify whether or not the candidate has made the passing grade for candidates to get the ICPTE credential

Those who want to be certified to teach this course at ATPs and at OISSG organized certification workshop events must pass this examination with 85% grade and the proctor certificate at the lab shall also state that the candidate has met the trainer grade.