ISSAF Security Awareness Qualified (I-SAQ)

This certification aims at presenting a structured way of assessing the level of security awareness amongst users and user management in organizations that use networked information systems. It has been repeatedly established in many surveys that the biggest threats to security comes from the uninitiated and untrained users. Globally the shift is towards creating security awareness amongst users of information systems such that they don’t contribute towards security infractions. This certification tests if the users of information systems have assimilated the requisite ‘best-practices’ required to be adhered to while accessing and using the information systems securely. The focus of certification workshop for this certification and the certification examination itself would be driven by the contents of ISSAF section on information security awareness. No pre-requisite is prescribed. Candidates can attain this credential by passing a one-hour examination containing 60 MCQs and attaining 70% grade.
Those who want to be certified to teach this course at ATPs and at OISSG organized certification workshop events must pass this examination with 85% grade.