ISSAF Sister Projects

Capture the Flag (CTF)
OISSG organizes break-in challenges named as "Capture the Flag" to test ethical hacking skills of the security professionals. Capture the Flag consists of four challenges. For each challenge a 12 hrs window would be given, the goal of which is to capture a flag image on the target system. The team capturing the flag first is required to send a message with the flag file to monitoring team. Each team is required to stay in touch with the monitoring team using yahoo messenger during the contest.

For each challenge the first two teams to report back with the flag would be the winners for the challenge.

As soon as first two teams report, the challenge would be closed. The winners would be unofficially announced over Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Computer Crime Investigation Framework (CCIF)
CCIF is OISSG's structured approach for Computer Crime Investigation. It aims to assist crime law enforcement agencies and private investigating agencies that lack the time, resource and money to develop their own framework. The first draft of CCIF is expected to be released at the end of March 2005.


Security Essentials Framework (SEF)
This framework has been developed to make strong fundamentals of security; it covers most required topics to deliver routine security tasks.