Capture the Flag (CTF)

There would be four challenges. For each challenge a 12 hrs window would be given. The goal is to capture a flag image on the target system. The team capturing the flag first is required to send a message with the flag file to monitoring team. Each team is required to stay in touch with the monitoring team using yahoo messenger during the contest.

For each challenge the first two teams to report back with the flag would be the winners for the challenge. As soon as first two teams report, the challenge would be closed. The winners would be unofficially announced over Yahoo messenger. Each challenge is conducted on individual day.


  1. Windows Hacking

  2. Unix Hacking

  3. Web Application Hacking

Explicit denied techniques

  • Any form of DoS and DDoS is not allowed (machine can't be taken down.)

  • Data deletion is not allowed.

  • Virus, Worm and Trojans are not allowed.

  • System can not be used for staging attacks on other systems other than the given target.

Permitted Techniques

* Everything is permitted accept the explicit denied techniques.

Rules and Regulations

  • Server IP address will be given over yahoo messenger at the time of reporting for the challenges.

  • Any exploit (Including Zero Day) used needs to be disclosed.

  • Judgment of the OISSG managing committee for the challenge would be final and binding.

  • Teams violating the rules and regulation would be disqualified without any further discussion.

  • OISSG committee members and Organizers can not participate in the contest

  • Participating teams have to operate from remote location.

  • A team shall comprise of maximum 3 participants.

  • Prize distribution will be local and the shipping cost will be born by teams (If we will get sponsorship, we will send it)

  • The date and time notations are Indian Standard Time.

  • No exploit shall be used against monitoring and supports systems.

Registration details should include

  • The names of the participants (max three) from one team.

  • The IP address from which u would to participate.

In case if a participant doesn't have any static IP Address, you can give when you report for the contest.

If you want to participate or have any query about Capture The Flag (CTF), send in entries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.