MetaCoretex-NG is an entirely JAVA vulnerability scanning framework for databases. This is a fork of the Metacoretex project, which was left in april 2004. We forked the project because we needed a vulnerability scanner for databases and Metacoretex provide a great framework to develop probes. So we decide to fork it, update all the application, and add new probes.

We need your help to build a strong framework for Database Vulnerability scanning!

The page is under construction, we are updating it soon with the TODO list, team members, objectives, etc.

Meanwhile you can check:


All JDBC type 4 drivers are accessable, making MetaCoretex a very strong platform for creating database scanning probes. Many probes are capable of determining things like version without having to be aware of the underlying database type.

Object capable KnowlegeBase
Per target knowlege-base which probes can use to share nformation. Most importantly, the KB can not only store string types, but is fully capable of storing references to Objects. For example, a MySQL database probe which forms a connection to a DB can then put the successful connection object into the KB for other probes to use the ACTUAL connection later!

Probe Options
The API includes the ability for each probe to specify the configuration options able to users. This means that probes which require user input do not require updates to the UI to support that input.

Of course it is.

XML Configs
All scan configuration options may be saved in XML scan configuration files to be loaded again later. This includes all options specified and set by probes using the addOption() method.

XML Report
Reports are saved into XML formats which have simple to use, publicly available schema for development of custom report tools. Reports may, of course, be loaded back into the interface for reading.

Platform Independance
Write once, debug everywhere...

0 Install
MetaCoretex requires no installation or other hastles other than a modern JVM. For that reason, it can be run from CD, or easily loaded on any box with JAVA.

Probe Generator
For many types of commonly developed probes, a probe creation wizard is capable of generating custom JAVA source which users can compile into loadable modules. MetaCoretex uses the sun javac classes if available to compile user generated probes.